Q: Can I write reviews for Geoff Wilbur’s Music Blog?

Q: Can I write for Geoff Wilbur’s Music Blog?

A: Sure. Absolutely. This blog is just an avocation, a labor of love, so there’s no money involved. But if you’re a budding music journalist looking for a few more writing credits for your portfolio or a music fan who would love a chance to write about great music, just as was the case with my print publication, I’ll welcome you aboard. Same for professional freelance journalists looking for a landing spot for reviews of great music they can’t place at one of their paying gigs. I started this blog because I had recently started seeking out great new music again and wanted an outlet to allow me to write the occasional review or interview. When some former writers, friends, and contacts asked me if they could write for me, too (and in the case of my former writers, again), I decided I’d gladly again be an outlet for those who share my vision, which is…

The Geoff Wilbur’s Music Blog’s targeted writing style is descriptive. And we stand by the “if you can’t write something nice…” philosophy. Every band/artist has fans. Try to figure out what the band’s fans like about them. If you describe the music well enough, potential fans will know to check it out while those who won’t like it (even if that includes the reviewer) will know it’s not their style. If you’re convinced the band is simply not good and that no one would enjoy the music, don’t write the review. Personally, since I have limited time in my daily life, a lot of my write-ups on here will be about artists I love. And yes, if you think a band is amazing, you can scream that at the top of your lungs. This blog is meant as a place people can come to discover great new music. There will be enough amazing bands we want to tell the world about that we don’t need to pollute the feed with bad reviews.

So, if you’re interested, reach out. Send me a note using the contact form, which you can find at this link.