Q: How can I get reviewed?

Q: How can I get reviewed?

A: I suggest you reach out to me or to one of my writers, but be patient. Since we all have other “day jobs,” we don’t have as much time to discover new music as we’d like. So please, suggest a song or two we can find online, and we’ll try to find time to listen and get in touch with you if we’d like a full collection of your songs to review. At that point, you can send a larger collection to us via e-mail (or send a dropbox link to our e-mail) or, if you prefer, you can send physical product – you can discuss that with the particular writer – and unless we’re surprised that we aren’t impressed, we’ll probably review you.

And if I or any of my writers fail to get back to you when you reach out to us, please cut us some slack. I’ve been unable to keep up with the musicians who’ve started following me on twitter when I was just a former music journalist; I can only imagine I’ll fall even farther behind now. If you don’t hear from us, give us a month and try again. And be kind. We’re just people with other day jobs and outside lives doing this because we love it, even though we really don’t have enough time.

There are a couple easy ways to contact us. You can use this contact form.  Or you contact me via Twitter. (If it’s obvious from your Twitter profile you’re a musician, I’ll follow you back, and then we can start our discussion via private message.)  As my writers get started and I add their contact pages, you can contact each writer individually based on style of music (targeting the writers you think might be most interested) or geography (for live review requests).