Q: Why did you start Geoff Wilbur’s Music Blog?

Q: Why did you start Geoff Wilbur’s Music Blog?

A: After more than a decade away from music journalism, I began discovering new music again. It spurred my desire to once again help great musicians/bands find an audience, provide music industry executives with a place to discover talented musicians/bands in a variety of styles, and help music fans more easily discover excellent new music. As has always been the case with my writing and my publications, my goal is to introduce the music in a way that gives readers a glimpse into what the music sounds like. Of course, the way this blog differs from my old music publication is that there are no deadlines or pages to fill. As a result, we will share with you reviews and articles about music we like as our schedules allow (rather than reviewing most of what we’re sent and working around specific deadlines, as we did with my old print publication).