EP Review: Cali Rodi – Cali Rodi EP

Cali Rodi – Cali Rodi EP

The Backstory

Cali grew up in Arizona and performed professionally as early as age 12. She moved to Nashville to study the entertainment industry at Belmont University, and that’s where she’s currently based. I first discovered her music this past spring, and it has been a solid part of my playlist ever since.

EP Review of Cali Rodi: Cali Rodi EP

Cali Rodi is a young pop singer with an amazing, powerful voice. Identifiable by her tone and the way her voice has a hint of a break in her voice on certain notes for emphasis, Cali has released a powerful collection of high-energy pop-rock songs. The songs themselves are well-written, with catchy hooks and cohesive song structures that engage the listener; indeed, though the music is rockin’ pop, the songs are penned in the sort of tight, structured style you’d associate with Nashville and ideally suited to Cali’s voice.

blank CD

Songs on the EP that typify Cali’s punchy, energetic, rockin’, pop radio-ready sound include EP-opener “If I Close My Eyes,” which holds the attention with its building, soaring melody, plus the power-pop anthem “Loser Ex-Boyfriend” and “Hitchhiker,” whose unique hook involves and almost-dissonant volume variance.

“Pulse Check” is a bit slower and shows some of Cali’s range – it may just be me, but I think there’s a hint of a rock ‘n roll version of Taylor Swift in her lyrics, song structure, and delivery, too.  “First Kiss Consequence,” meanwhile, slows things down quite a bit more (though it’s still quite an energy-filled ballad), proving Cali can deliver the goods on the softer stuff, as well.

You’ll find no better pop-rock music than the songs found here – catchy and memorable. While “If I Close My Eyes” was my initial favorite, it’s now more often “Hitchhiker” with its unique rhythmic hooks, though some days it’s “Pulse Check.” Give this EP a few listens and you’ll undoubtedly have a favorite or two of your own.

This particular EP was a free download I received when I signed up for Cali’s mailing list via her website; it’s an exceptional introduction to Cali’s talent.

With the right guidance and a bit of luck, Cali has an almost unlimited ceiling on her career. Worst case scenario for us, as listeners, though, is that she’s producing some outstanding songs we all get to enjoy right now.


Be sure to check out Cali’s new song “Fan Girl.” The new tune shows off the insistent edge to Cali’s vocals, this time in the form of a ballad.

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