Album Review: Haroula Rose – Here the Blue River

Haroula Rose

photo courtesy of Howlin’ Wuelf Media

Haroula Rose – Here the Blue River

Album Review of Haroula Rose: Here the Blue River

Haroula Rose‘s voice is ethereal. In fact, first track “Songbird” kicks the album off appropriately, with a calm, enjoyable, otherworldly feel.  (I also like that she ends the album with “Songbird (Reprise),” one of those cool things musicians used to do to bring their works of art full-circle back in the days when albums were king.)

Haroula Rose - Here the Blue River

image courtesy of Howlin’ Wuelf Media

It’s followed by “Margo,” the song that perhaps stands out the most for me from this collection. It has a hooky rhythm and catchy chorus that inspires singing along. All this while maintaining the relaxed energy of the album as a whole.

There’s a cool, rhythmic, musical line that adds character throughout “Moon and Waves” as the song periodically builds to power and mellows.

“The River (Drifting)” has a uniquely haunting aspect to its mellowness with a cleverly picked string backed by a more formidable orchestral wall, as if ushering a classical movie soundtrack through one scene and on to the next.

Haroula Rose

photo courtesy of Howlin’ Wuelf Media

“Sirens” showcases a ’70s psychedelia musical vibe, pulsing along with its purposeful rhythm moving around a vocal more forceful than most on this disc, though still very high and light.

Through “Premontion,” it flows into “This Old House,” a rather wistful, reminiscent, perhaps even melancholy track exceptionally well-suited to Haroula Rose’s soft delivery.

Ethereal music is difficult to get right while keeping it interesting, but Here the Blue River seems to have achieved that balance.

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