EP Review: Caisy Falzone – Your Time

Caisy Falzone

photo courtesy of Caisy Falzone

I reviewed one of Caisy’s gigs at Pianos in New York back in February. Now, I’d like to introduce you to her EP.

EP Review of Caisy Falzone: Your Time

Caisy Falzone‘s voice is a little raspy, a bit emotional, and relatively alt-rock, and she utilizes it to good effect in a singer-songwriter setting. Coming across sometimes as hoarse, other times as gravelly, and often kind of hoarsely haunting, Caisy’s delivery actually reminds me most, from among those I’ve reviewed in Blog, of Sophia Ward (of local Boston-area band TOS), just in more of a singer-songwriter format (rather than in TOS’s more raucous rock-band setting).

Caisy Falzone - Your Time

image courtesy of Caisy Falzone

The EP itself, Your Time, is a nice little collection. It’s stripped-down singer-songwriter fare, rough-hewn a bit, primarily just vocals and chord-strumming with the occasional background vocal track. It showcases Caisy’s pleasantly raspy voice and her lyric and melody writing skills. It doesn’t purport to be a big production album; rather, it’s a nice little EP. Pleasant, easy to listen to, and a good representation of Caisy’s fun live gigs. I do wonder what these songs would sound like with a full band and lush production. Quite different, I suspect, but they’d still be the same well-written songs powered by Caisy’s sweetly gravelly voice. As much as I’d love to hear that rendition of these four songs, Your Time really does remind me of Caisy’s live show. And with that goal in mind for this recording, I’d change nothing.

Caisy Falzone

photo courtesy of Caisy Falzone

Though none of the songs are fast-tempo, three of the four are mid-tempo. “Hold Me Down” is a bare-bones number, with Caisy’s voice showing vulnerability, in sync with the lyrics, her strumming gaining in intensity over the course of the song as the mood of the song ever-so-slowly builds in intensity, as well.

“Your Time” has a really cool tempo, with Caisy’s vocals carrying more emotion than their simplicity might otherwise suggest. On the whole, it’s a slow-things-down, thoughtful, melancholy number that’ll bring any room down emotionally… by design.

If I had to pick a favorite on this EP, it would be”Drift.” There are some cool lyrical elements; I’m oddly fond of her use of multiple “you (I) know”s as lyrical bridges; this track also has the best subtly catchy guitar-strum hook, used sparingly but just often enough.

Caisy Falzone

photo courtesy of Caisy Falzone

“Feel So Good,” the disc-ender, is Caisy’s ballad. It’s a nice tempo change. She sings with a more haunted tone, “bringing the room down” again with her melancholy delivery, not quite sad as much as simply exhausted.

As I mentioned at the beginning, Caisy’s Your Time EP is a good representation of her live performances. If you’ve seen her perform live, these songs will carry your memory back to the night of her show. If you haven’t, well, this is what she sounds like. I’d suggest snagging this four-song collection from Bandcamp, and I’d definitely recommend getting out to a Caisy Falzone gig. Bring friends. Drink. Enjoy. Make it a fun night.

Looking Ahead

The events page on Caisy’s Facebook page lists one upcoming gig, Jun 16th at Lovecraft in New York. If you check her Facebook page periodically, you can see other upcoming shows as she adds them.

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