EP Review: Aüva – Side Effects


photo courtesy of Aüva

Aüva formed in January 2015 while studying at Berklee and is comprised of Miette Hope, Jack Markwordt, Jake LeVine, Michael Piccoli, Andy Metzger and Austin Birdy.

EP Review of Aüva: Side Effects

Psychedelic, enveloping pop-rock music. Aüva unleashes three new numbers within its lush, full sound on this 3-song EP, Side Effects, a follow-up to the band’s eponymous 2016 full album release.

Aüva - Side Effects

cover art by Nathan Gorey; image courtesy of Aüva

EP-opener “Pretend” is based in ’80s New Wave, an engaging pop-rock journey that reminds me a bit of Modern English and its MTV-conquering New Wave brethren, but Aüva utilizes richer production to form a more plush wall of sound. “All I Need” slows things down and sounds a bit more ’70s-influenced, though it’s otherwise a very modern number, a current take on a lava lamp ballad. EP-ender “Glitter & Weed” is a more energetic psychedelic pop-rocker atop a music bed I’d call a “din” and supplemented with some ’80s-style synth.

I stumbled across Aüva’s music while traveling down a local music rabbithole a few weeks ago and was quickly impressed by the band’s unique sound. I’m not sure if I should be listening to it in the shag-carpeted back of a van or in a black-lit lounge sitting in a bean bag chair, maybe with a slowly turning, subtly lit disco ball overhead. Regardless, the band’s full sound and vocal interplay between its male and female vocalists create eminently listenable, stylish pop-rock.

I’ll be watching the “shows” page of Aüva’s website to see if I can catch them live somewhere soon. I’m guessing their music will translate exceptionally well to a live performance.

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