ArtPrize 2016 Memory: The Outer Vibe

ArtPrize 2016

photo by Amy McClees

The Outer Vibe

Eighth Annual ArtPrize Awards Ceremony

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, Grand Rapids, MI

October 7, 2016

by Amy McClees, Contributing Blogger

ArtPrize 2016

photo by Amy McClees

The Outer Vibe was my walking music after I left the ArtPrize Awards at the Civic. “Shining like a Diamond,” one of their originals, with alternating guitar chords, evokes a running beat or the backdrop to a galloping western. The music reverberated between the buildings of downtown Grand Rapids’ Rosa Parks Circle. Their style of music is rock, pop in genre. Near the bandshell, painted Hondas for ArtPrize were also parked as an audience while ArtPrizers and dancers enjoyed the show. The five band members are Nick Hosford, Lisa Kacos, Sean Zee, Andrew Dornoff, and Noah Snyder (who replaced Jeff Brems in 2014). They have toured extensively since this performance, moved and have stopped back in the area for tour dates.

ArtPrize 2016

photo by Amy McClees

Looking Ahead

This year’s ArtPrize is scheduled for September 19 through October 7, 2018.

The Outer Vibe’s website lists upcoming shows on both September 14th and October 13th at The Rathskeller in Indianpolis, plus a September 15th date at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids for GR College Week.

[Editor’s Note: Time-permitting, in the run-up to this year’s ArtPrize, Amy hopes to share some of her favorite ArtPrize memories, beginning with this one from two years ago. -GW]

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