Single Review: Jamie Hart – “Shadow”

Jamie Hart

photo courtesy of Jamie Hart via Off the Stage Music

As you may have noticed, I’ve spent 2020 playing catch-up on some reviews I’d hoped to write the previous couple of years. Well, I’ve finally made it to music I received in 2020, starting with this single, a January 31, 2020 release by award-winning Boston-area artist Jamie Hart.

Single Review of Jamie Hart: “Shadow”

Jamie Hart - Shadow single cover

image courtesy of Jamie Hart via Off the Stage Music

This marked the second single since Jamie Hart dropped the “Lynn” from her moniker. (Worth mentioning in case you were already familiar with her as Jamie Lynn Hart.) And wow, did she ever come out swinging for the fences with this big single release! “Shadow” is one of those substantial pop songs you’d likely hear in The Voice auditions, if it were famous, that highlights a talented vocalist’s strengths. It’s a tuneful, catchy showcase for Jamie’s full range and skill set. Moving effortlessly from booming power to soft emotion, while traversing an appealing melodic path, you can hear Jamie connect with the emotional essence of the lyrics. And, as a fun bonus, you’ll find yourself singing some of the “oo-oo” parts along with her after a few listens. This is a song you’d turn up the radio for when you hear its first few notes.

Jamie Hart

photo courtesy of Jamie Hart via Off the Stage Music

Now, if this is your first introduction to Jamie Hart, yowza! I had sampled a little of her music before – not much, but enough to know she was on my short list of must-cover local artists. This, however, was the first song I’ve had the opportunity to give innumerable listens – the first I’ve gotten to know really well – and it’s an ideal introduction to this incredibly talented vocalist. So, enjoy the vocal showcase of “Shadow” and, if you’re like me, track down some more of her music, too, when you’re done.

I’m now looking forward to hearing a multi-song collection of Jamie Hart’s powerful pop masterpieces – I believe there was an EP in the works, but I haven’t heard more about it, so I assume this may be one of the many 2020 plans scuttled by the pandemic. And I can’t wait to get a chance to experience Jamie’s voice live sometime, too, when things get back to normal again.

Jamie Hart

photo courtesy of Jamie Hart via Off the Stage Music

More recently…

This fall, Jamie was featured on Steeple Doves‘ single, “Louder,” a soaring, rhythmically addictive, defiant anthem that takes great advantage of Jamie’s vocal power. Of course, if you want to go back to last fall, you can listen to Jamie’s impressive September 2019 emotionally powerful pop single “Get Closer.”

Looking Ahead

You can find Jamie’s live show schedule, when there is one, on the “Shows” tab of Jamie’s website or on the “Events” tab of Jamie’s Facebook page.

Oh, and for the full range of sites where you can hear “Shadow” for yourselves, here’s Jamie’s “HearNow” page:


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