EP Review: Double Experience – Alignments: Neutral

Double Experience

photo by Laura Collins; photo courtesy of BJF Media

EP Review of Double Experience: Alignments: Neutral (Drakkar Entertainment)

Regular readers know I’ve been clearing a massive backlog of reviews over the last several months. I’m almost caught up, but this late 2019 release from Double Experience slipped through the cracks. Still, as was the case with all of the older albums I reviewed late last year, this is an EP you simply need to know about, if you don’t already. So, with that said…

Self-described “nerd rockers,” Double Experience exhibits a variety of rock ‘n roll influences – all in just three songs – with a sound that centers on moderately hard rock on this EP.

Double Experience – Alignments: Neutral

image courtesy of BJF Media

“New Me” is a straight-up rocker, with an ’80s guitar-driven, heavy-melodic hard rock style defined by, among other things, its crunchy guitar riffs, attitude-laden, high, limits-pushing vocals, and hooky tempo-breaks. Of the three songs, I’d have to say “New Me” is my favorite, but it’s close, and that’s mostly just a personal stylistic preference.

Song number two, “The Imp,” reveals a funkier guitar-rocker style, one far less smooth, with a beat that never settles in, hints of both punk and progressive influence, and – in the end – a song that’s interesting and fun, but in a headache-inducing way. And I’m not talking volume; rather, “The Imp” whipsaws its rhythm so relentlessly you’ll end up somewhat concussed.

“Ghost in the Machine” follows as what could very likely be one of the slower tempo songs on a typical pop-punk album – and I don’t, by any means, mean that it’s slow. But the melody is back, and there’s a more feel-good energy driving the song’s hooks.

If you told me these three songs came from three different bands, I’d almost believe you. Stylistically speaking, at least. Yet they all have a Double Experience-specific sound. And they’re all three styles I dig when done well. Double Experience is a talented rock outfit, and this is a mesmerizing EP. Leave it to “nerds” to produce a recording like Alignments: Neutral. Seriously, check it out, Poindexter!

Looking Ahead

You can keep up with the band’s live performances via the “Shows” page of their website. It seems Double Experiences has stayed visible during the pandemic. Their website currently lists six appearances per week on Twitch: A songwriting-based one on Wednesdays, acoustic live performances on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and less structured “side quests” on Sundays and Thursdays. Click on that “Shows” tab for times and deets.

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