Single Review: Reality Suite – “Triggers”

Reality Suite

photo by Jeff Fischer; photo courtesy of EMSU Media

Single Review of Reality Suite: “Triggers” (DI Records)

Reality Suite‘s “Triggers” is hard rock with a monster hook! Within a listen or two, this song solidified itself as one of my favorite rock tunes of the year.

Melodic hard rock rhythm, a vocal edge that reminds me of someone (I think) but I can’t quite place it. Something like a cross between Kariselle Snow’s sound with Karousel with an ’80s/’90s hard rock power and a bit of a pop-punk edge. Kimmii Heart has a big, round sound on her vowels, then slices through the music bed with a very tuneful punk-caliber wail. With attitude, though that can almost go unsaid when describing a singer in a New Jersey band. Indeed, her voice alone could be considered a signature sound.

Reality Suite – "Triggers"

image courtesy of EMSU Media

And yet, the musicianship in the band provides a powerful-yet-positive energy, an engagingly jerky rhythm. Essentially, Reality Suite – with Brian King on drums, Joe Padula on guitar, and Antonio Valenti on bass – also lays down a relatively unique sound musically, vocals notwithstanding. (I actually kind of dig the “official studio video” because it more readily showcases Joe’s serious guitar-shredding skills in the late song guitar solo.) Combined with Kimmii’s vocals, you’ll know this is a Reality Suite song within a few notes. High-quality, easily identifiable rock ‘n roll. That’s a clear recipe for success.

As a listener, though, you don’t care about that. It’s simply a kick-ass song. And relatable, too, as the lyric video (yes, the band made three music videos for this song!) will help you realize the connection to today’s odd reality, if you hadn’t already made the connection.

Bottom line, if you’re at all interested in catchy hard rock, consider this an introduction to what’s almost certain to become one of your favorite rock songs of 2021.

And, you know, now that I’ve been introduced to Reality Suite, I’ve been listening to some of the band’s other releases from the last 2-3 years. From the standpoint of now being a fan of this band, “Triggers” isn’t a fluke, though yeah, it does have a lightning-in-a-bottle monster hook.

Reality Suite

photo by Jeff Fischer; photo courtesy of EMSU Media

Looking Ahead

The “Tour” page of the band’s website is currently blank. The “Events” tab of the band’s Facebook page does list one upcoming concert, an August 21st show at The Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, NY with Angel and Starz. Keep an eye out for that and other shows as the pandemic wanes and music venues reopen. When it’s safe to attend, Reality Suite seems like a band you’d definitely want to see live.

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