Single Review: Anne Harris – “Over”

Anne Harris – "Over"

image courtesy of Frank Roszak Promotions

Single Review of Anne Harris: “Over” (feat. Markus James)

Chicago-based singer-songwriter/fiddle player Anne Harris is joined by critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Markus James on this single, “Over.”

“Over” opens with music that paints a vivid picture of a slow canoe ride through a swamp, with some loose picking supporting a slowly rising, building-in-power vocal. The strings sound a bit like they’re crying, as the power of the music rises, barely perceptibly but quietly defiantly. The song would serve as an ideal scene-setter early in a movie, perhaps as a slow-moving camera scans the slightly unsettling countryside while the opening credits are running… or, obviously, a slow canoe ride through a swamp.

For me, this is a quietly engaging song, one that’s ideal for an at-work playlist because it has interesting elements to it, but it never has those consciousness-piercing moments that’ll interrupt my work. Very cool vibe; be sure to check it out.

Looking Ahead

There are several live dates listed on the “Tour” page of Anne Harris’ website, beginning with a Saturday, July 10th performance at the North Atlantic Blues Festival in Rockland, ME.

Markus James doesn’t have any shows listed on the “Events” tab of his Facebook page at the moment, but check back to see if shows are added.

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