Single Review: Lealiza – “We Americans”


photo courtesy of Dog Ranch Music PR

Single Review of Lealiza: “We Americans”

Lealiza is a Michigan-based singer-songwriter with a soft, rich, sweet vocal delivery. In the case of “We Americans,” it was a song she felt compelled to write, expressing her disapproval at seeing the U.S. military leaving Afghanistan in a frantic, disorganized hurry. The song went live today, November 11, on Spotify.

The key lyric to the song is “We don’t leave our people behind. We’re Americans, that’s not what we do.” The story in the song begins twenty years earlier, with the event that sparked the war, then contrasts it with the images from earlier this year. You can hear Lealiza’s emotions in the sweet yet powerful vocals, tied tightly to the song’s lyrics: “Some day I’ll come for you sure as the sky is blue. We don’t leave anyone behind.”

Lealiza – We Americans

image courtesy of Dog Ranch Music PR

Poignant and topical, this is a powerful song from Lealiza, ably expressing the emotions she shares with so many fellow citizens as this past September’s withdrawal from Kabul unfolded. She talks of the feelings she felt that compelled her to write “We Americans” in this Facebook post. Beyond this song, if it leads you to explore more of Lealiza’s music – at her YouTube channel or on her website, for example – you’ll find her connection to singing Ladino songs, as well, and discover a multi-faceted singer who’s a sought-after performer.

Whatever Lealiza sings – from traditional-styled music to more current pop-styled songs, and in whatever language – her voice has the versatility and texture to capture your ear and hold on tight. So, while it’s worth giving “We Americans” a listen, don’t let your Lealiza journey end there. And if you’re in the Detroit area, watch for her shows. There’s nothing recent or forthcoming listed, but watch the “Events” tab of her Facebook page for listings of future performances as they’re scheduled.

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