Single Review: Jamie Fontaine and the Level – “Save Your Life”

Jamie Fontaine and the Level

photo courtesy of Head First Entertainment

Single Review of Jamie Fontaine and the Level: “Save Your Life” (Stryker Records)

Boom! With a vibe that melds heavy rock like Three Days Grace with an almost grunge-like edge, Green Bay’s Jamie Fontaine and the Level deliver a song that’s explosive from the very first note (well, the first note after the buzz) on “Save Your Life.” Wry vocals cut through the wall-of-sound guitar/bass/drums, breaking momentarily – a very cool and effective songwriting trick – to launch into the chorus.

Jamie Fontaine and the Level - Save Your Life

image courtesy of Head First Entertainment

“Save Your Life” is a full-of-energy, get-yourself-pumped-up number that you’ll sing along with. Except during the guitar solo, of course; that’s when you’ll air-guitar. Sound-changes in the bridge and periodic vocal-only (or vocal-mostly) bits provide the variety necessary to ensure this song only improves over multiple listens. This is one of those catchy rock numbers that could be one of Jamie Fontaine and the Level’s signature songs for years to come.

Finally, to quote Jamie Fontaine, “The song began as a story of a failed relationship, one you literally need to save your life from.” It seems like the perfect song to review on Valentine’s Day, does it not? Turn it up!

Looking Back

Actually, I’ll start by looking back. I added this song to my review queue a few months ago, so it’s not surprising that since releasing “Save Your Life,” the band has released another single, “Low.”

Looking Ahead

You can find upcoming shows on the “Events” page of Jamie Fontaine and the Level’s website or on the “Events” tab of the band’s Facebook page. And if this song is any indication, the band will rock your face off. Two shows are currently listed: On May 16, 2021, they be at the WAMI Awards at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI; on May 30, 2021, you can catch them at The World’s Largest Brat Fest 2021 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI. Obviously, during a pandemic, check those listings as the dates grow closer.