Album Review: Body English – Stories of Earth

Body English

photo courtesy of Body English

Body English – Stories of Earth

Album Review of Body English: Stories of Earth

Body English -Stories of Earth

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Supertramp meets Phantom of the Opera. Gordon Lightfoot covers Looking Glass’ “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl).” Don McLean co-writes with Harry Chapin and Squeeze. High-vocalled soft-progressive ’70s-style pop-rock with a modern twist. Body English is a unique group that combines disparate elements of that certain style of classic rock with a modern progressive flair. It’s a style from that era whose sound is not as often updated by modern rockers and, as such, Stories of Earth is an especially interesting bit of ear candy.

Body English

photo courtesy of Body English

This collection kicks off with perhaps its most commercial, catchiest track, “Kiss Them.” Blending ’70s pop-rock guitar and dynamic, emotional vocals before a wall-of-sound backdrop at times, this track is an energetic, cheerful welcome.

Another standout on this disc, “Prose and Poetry” adds a nicely sensitive, folk-reminiscent vocal crackle to a building, eventually relatively psychedelic (perhaps a bit Who-inspired) musical backdrop by mid-song.

Body English

photo courtesy of Body English

You’ll certainly have your own favorites. Perhaps “I Don’t Wanna Be a Housewife (For Someone Else’s Family)” with its horn-driven opening and clever lyrics. Maybe the energetic “Rock and Roll Will Save You,” a song that somehow incorporates the occasional rockabilly note into its otherwise very progressive DNA. Or possibly the 10 1/2 minute magnum opus that closes the disc in true ’70s progressive rock form, “The Humour in the Heart of the Old Grey Mountain.”

Give this album a few listens. Its spin on the genre is a bit unexpected, but it really grows on you.

To check it out, you can find a stream of Stories of Earth on SoundCloud.

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