Single Review: Natalie Joly – “Yours to Stay”

Natalie Joly

photo courtesy of Nina Pickell, LLC

Single Review of Natalie Joly: “Yours to Stay”

Last month, I reviewed “Will You Ever Stop,” the second single from Natalie Joly‘s unnamed upcoming album. In this review, I’m introducing you to her new, third single, “Yours to Stay,” which drops today.

Natalie Joly - Yours to Stay

image courtesy of Nina Pickell, LLC

“Yours to Stay” proves Natalie can deliver an emotional, memorable ballad. The first couple of notes on the piano actually recall several piano-driven eighties hard rock power ballads, though Natalie stylistically remains much closer to her mid-level pop-friendly rock ‘n roll musical center. Natalie’s big, long, powerful notes, where she’s able to add length and power without sacrificing tone, are the closest thing this song has to a hook, though I also really dig the classic rock guitar runs, the key to any power ballad. Power builds throughout the course of the song, increasing the emotional currency slowly but steadily throughout the entirety of “Yours to Stay.” A very solid effort that’s enjoyable on the first listen but increases its hold on you with each subsequent play.

Looking Ahead

Check the “Events” tab of Natalie’s Facebook page to find upcoming live performances. (Currently, none are listed.)

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