Single Review: Natalie Joly – “Will You Ever Stop”

Natalie Joly - Will You Ever Stop

image courtesy of Nina Pickell, LLC


It would have been a few years ago – 2018, maybe even 2017 – that I almost reviewed a Natalie Joly live gig, so this write-up is long overdue. I had planned to head up to Chopps American Bar & Grille in Burlington, MA after work, but work ran late that night, so I missed the chance. Natalie has been rising in the Boston area music scene for nearly a decade now, since she was 14, creating buzz and winning awards along the way, so I’ve been looking since nearly day one of the Blog for a chance to share her music on these pages. Scheduling hasn’t yet worked out to catch a live performance, but I am pleased to get a chance to review Natalie’s new single.

Single Review of Natalie Joly: “Will You Ever Stop”

Natalie Joly

photo courtesy of Nina Pickell, LLC

There’s a rich trademark tone to Natalie Joly’s vocals on this “Will You Ever Stop,” reminiscent of old-school edgy pop-rockers like KT Tunstall – and I hear a bit of Paramore’s Hayley Williams in Natalie raucous pop rock vocal ending – but right from the opening guitar riff this song in particular suggests a country-pop/rock vibe that would place Natalie on the radio alongside the Taylor Swifts of the world, borrowing heavily from the guitar-pop styles of the ’80s and ’90s but with updated vocal phrasing and tempo.

Throwing attitude through the verses and rounding it out with an expressive voice that hit some tonally wicked-cool notes, “Will You Ever Stop” confirms that Natalie Joly is radio-ready and poised to level up in her music career.

“Will You Ever Stop” drops today, January 29th, with the accompanying video scheduled for a February 5th release. This song is a follow-up to Natalie’s November 2020 release of catchy, syncopated, mid-tempo pop-rocker “Running Circles.”

Looking Ahead

There’s a full-length album in the works. And when Natalie has live gigs (or other events), you can find them on the “Events” tab of her Facebook page.

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