EP Review: Alyssa Grace – Breathe

Alyssa Grace

photo by Rose Pierce; photo courtesy of Ileana International

by Eric Harabadian, Contributing Blogger

EP Review of Alyssa Grace: Breathe

Southern California teenager Alyssa Grace is a singer-songwriter who sings with heart, purpose and a relatable perspective. She seems to really connect with her audience via her emotive songs and videos. The title track “Breathe” garnered 30,000 streams its first month on Spotify. And it has yielded more than 111,000 You Tube views. Grace knows herself and her fans and sings songs that deal with self-esteem, bullying, the environment, and the human condition.

Alyssa Grace – Breathe

image courtesy of Ileana International

“Breathe” is a tune that makes a simple statement about taking the time to stop and reflect. It is almost meditative in that respect. Atop an acoustic guitar and ambient-filled backdrop, Grace asks big questions and makes declarative statements. She sings, “Light is so bright, sky is so blue, and I’m fading with no clue. How do I stand tall if I feel I can’t get through it all?” Later in the song, she imparts, “I need to know where I’m at to start again, cause this is not what I’m supposed to be. Tell me once again why I’m living without you? Tell me once again why I’m breathing with only one out of two?” The chorus simply resolves with “I need to breathe.”

Alyssa Grace

photo courtesy of Ileana International

“Irish Lullaby” is auto-biographical in a sweet tune dedicated to her mother. In it, Grace recalls, “Every night I’d lie in bed and wait for mama to tuck me in. I would listen, sing along and at the end she’d tell me again.” She assuredly describes her mother who utters the comforting words, “Darling go to sleep, I’ll be here in the morning, and the first thing you’ll see will be me.” Again, it’s a song that has a very meditative and calming quality.

“All That You Need” is an introspective number, fueled by a subtle and relaxed piano and hip-hop figure. In it, Grace asks, “Am I special to you? Am I different or just new? Am I one to keep? Is this song getting a little deep?” And then goes a little further, with the question “What if I could be all that you need?”

“Waterfall” addresses more introspection, as Grace states, “Your eyes they sparkle in the reflection of a waterfall. And you’re scared, a little bit scared that you might fall. And your voice whispers like an angel’s call. So dive in, dive deep to the waterfall. Don’t be afraid to fall… scared to risk it all.”  That’s pretty sage advice from such a young artist.

Alyssa Grace

photo by Rose Pierce; photo courtesy of Ileana International

“What’s a Girl to You” is one of her newest songs and asks pertinent questions that address female empowerment and individual pride. Grace is a pensive wordsmith when it involves inner feelings, and she’s not afraid to put them out there on full display. She sings, “Do I have to be like everyone else, popular or can I be myself? Tell me now!” Grace continues, “’Cause everyone’s different… different opinions and different minds. If you wanna be mine, then treat me right!” The whole song seems to be summed up with this key line, “Are you someone that thinks boys and girls are the same? ‘Cause those are the rules of the game that I play.”

Alyssa Grace does not come off cookie cutter or manufactured. Her growing social and multi-media success can easily be attributed to the fact that she writes and speaks from experience and is the genuine article. She has gained a foothold with musical messages many love and respond to. Grace sings her truth, and her words provide a salve and solace for her generation and others. And in these tough and trying times, we could certainly use more of that!


You can find Alyssa Grace’s music and various social media accounts via this Linktree link. Also, though there are none currently listed, you’ll be able to learn about upcoming events via the “Events” page on Grace’s website.

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