Single Review: 3Mind Blight feat. Trysette – “Situations”

3MindBlight and Trysette

photo courtesy of Trysette

Single Review of 3Mind Blight feat. Trysette: “Situations”

This song is a pairing of two seemingly disparate musical talents whose commonality is as versatile songwriters and performers. 3Mind Blight is a longtime music producer and award-winning songwriter who launched his career as a solo recording artist in 2018, combining influences ranging from rap to metal, orchestral to pop, and beyond. Trysette (who we’ve reviewed at the Blog several times over the years) is an Australian singer, songwriter, and pianist whose solo performances have made her one of the Blog‘s favorite artists, though she may be best recognized by those who don’t subscribe to Geoff Wilbur’s Music Blog as a backup singer for Bob Malone and for John Fogerty; also, as a co-writer of “Under My Skin,” a current chart-climber released by Nashville recording artist Nate Smith.

3Mind Blight feat. Trysette - Situations

image courtesy of Trysette

On “Situations,” 3Mind Blight leans more heavily, though not exclusively into the rap end of his repertoire, musically and lyrically intersecting with Trysette’s soaring, high vocals to tell a tale of emotions.

The song kicks off with an alien, deep-sea-echoing music bed one might expect in dream pop, with 3Mind Blight delivering rhythmic rapping vocals that he extends into more tuneful, soaring spoken word, then giving way to Trysette’s higher, spoken-sung reply atop a lighter more airy musical backdrop.

As the song progresses, the vocals trend more toward traditional singing, while the floating synth extends a feeling of uneasiness, until Trysette’s vocals and 3Mind Blight’s late-song rap resolve the internal lyrical conflict that was reflected by the music.

3Mind Blight

3Mind Blight; photo courtesy of Trysette

The song’s sudden ending suggests perhaps a solid resolution to the lyrical message, though the uneasy music bed that lasts right up until the very final note hints that perhaps a clean resolution isn’t so easy.

It’s a well-crafted song with a radio-ready length, coming in easily under three minutes. The song was released a couple weeks ago, and it’s no surprise it has started garnering attention for this pair of talented artists. No foolin’.

Looking Ahead

You can keep up with 3Mind Blight’s music on Spotify, and you can see what he’s up to via his Twitter account.


Trysette; photo courtesy of Trysette

In addition to her songwriting collaborations during COVID-19, Trysette has recorded a series of cool “Shoot the Breeze” videos on YouTube, chatting with some of her “rock star friends,” and she generally shares any new goings-on with her fans via her Facebook page. Also, when she’s back on the road again, you may be able to catch her performance schedule on the “Tour Dates” page of her website.

Looking Back

To continue your new-music discovery tour, if you’re not already familiar with Trysette’s catalog, don’t forget to check out some of the Blog‘s other reviews of her music. Most recently, I reviewed her multi-artist collaboration TRX+J. A few years before that, I reviewed her album of covers, Shadowgirl. And back in 2015, I reviewed her full-length release of originals, Feel So Pretty.

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