Single Review: 2WEI feat. Marvin Brooks & Ohana Bam – “You Want It”

2WEI, Marvin Brooks & Ohana Bam

photo courtesy of DRPR

Single Review of 2WEI feat. Marvin Brooks & Ohana Bam: “You Want It” (Position Music)

Regular readers will remember how I was digging out from a massive backlog when I started writing reviews again regularly in mid-2020. In early September, when this single, “You Want It,” dropped into my inbox, I was still reviewing material I received in 2018. But this song is so catchy, so memorable, so much fun that I placed it into my review queue because I knew I had to share it with you, even if several months after its release.

2WEI feat. Marvin Brooks & Ohana Bam - You Want It single

image courtesy of DRPR

The music just explodes out of the speakers on this song. It’s the sort of tune you’d expect to hear during play stoppages in NBA arenas or perhaps as relief pitchers’ intro songs as they walk in from the bullpen. The rising and falling provide punch points perfect for action scenes if used for a movie trailer. And after I read that 2WEI (Simon Heeger and Christian Vorländer) were known for their trailers, that makes sense, too.

Marvin Brooks‘ powerful vocals work well alongside’s Ohana Bam‘s smooth, rhythmic rap, both atop 2WEI’s supportive music bed that takes the listener on a journey. Well, not so much “listener” as “get on your feet and dancer,” but you get the point.

Within the song, there are memorable lyrical bits, from the parts interspersed with “You want it” and “I got it” to the raps, there’s a lot unpack within this song about chasing your dreams, but it’s a fun ride and so worth it. Even the “la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la, whoa, whoa” bridge is a singalong bit by the second listen. 2WEI, with Marvin Brooks and Ohana Bam, have the makings of a crossover pop/hip-hop hit here. Give it a listen.

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