Single Review: Adam Lee – “I Am a Coward”

Adam Lee

photo by Lisa Sullivan; photo courtesy of Adam Lee

Single Review of Adam Lee: “I Am a Coward”

Adam Lee has a deep, dark, gravelly voice with a very unique tone that conveys wisdom and insight, plus a strength and fullness with which he can bring forth great, booming power. It’s been a few years since I reviewed Adam’s album Sincerely, Me in advance of its 2017 release. This single is a welcome reintroduction to Adam’s original style. Among the styles I mentioned in the Sincerely, Me review, this resides closer to the hauntingly Chris Isaak/”Wicked Game”-ish end of his range.

Adam Lee - I Am a Coward

image courtesy of Adam Lee

“I Am a Coward” begins slow and soft but with a steady, traveling beat that it maintains all along. Adam’s voice begins low and questioning, building with the music while adding wisdom, leading into a fade-out with “I am a coward. I am afraid. But even a coward can learn to be brave. If I’m not a lion, am I the cage? I am a coward, but I can change,” then returning with “We always can change.” From that point, the song builds, as if clouds are opening, until the music swells, Adam’s voice booms, and you get goose bumps and chills. The song ends with the hopeful message: “We always can change.”

With his release of this well-crafted song, it’s a pleasure to get to review Adam’s music again. Be sure also to check out the lyric video for “I Am a Coward” on YouTube.

Adam Lee

photo by Lisa Sullivan; photo courtesy of Adam Lee

Looking Ahead

The Tour page of Adam’s website is where you’ll find upcoming gig information. Not surprisingly, there are no gigs listed right now.

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