Single Review: Make Believe Friends – “Scream”

Single Review of Make Believe Friends: “Scream”

“Scream” rocks. It has power, vocal strength and agility, churning kick-ass rock guitars, and a hooky earworm quality that’ll result in you singing it to yourself hours or days after last listening to it. Seriously, check out this song!

Make Believe Friends - Scream

image courtesy of Glass Onyon PR

It’s a song with very serious content, expressing righteous anger and frustration at the racism and intolerance that boiled over in 2020 in America: “Are they out of their heads? Streets filled with bloodshed. All we want are solutions from bigot-run institutions.” Though you’ll mumble your way through the verses for the a few dozen listens, the chorus you’ll be singing along to by the end of the first is: “All I want to do is scream! Another crazy night, and I’m lost and all alone. Scream! Another crazy night, I just hope I make it home.”

There’s a really cool off-balance yet straight-ahead element to this anthem, as the beat advances mercilessly, while an occasional snake-charmer guitar bit in the bridges helps settle the mood before musical and vocal explosions. Likewise, even as the song moves steadily forward, there’s always a feeling that the vocals may change direction at any moment. I love when songs do this. Bonus points for the important social subject matter.

“Scream” lies in a somewhat-heavy, somewhat-melodic, very original musical zone that would appeal to hard rockers, melodic rockers, and some metal and progressive fans. Among bands I’ve reviewed at the blog, I’d implore fans of Love and a .38, Edge of Paradise, and Kings of Jade – and the more melodic half of Forever Still’s fans – to add this song to your playlists.

About the Band

Make Believe Friends is the musical alter ego of Lunden Reign‘s Laura Espinoza (guitar) and Mindy Milburn (lead vocals). On the recording of “Scream,” Laura and Mindy are joined by Phil Soussan (Ozzy, Billy Idol, Last in Line) on bass, and Mike Avenaim (Scott Weiland, Selena Gomez, Zella Day) on drums. “Scream” was written by Laura Espinoza, Mindy Milburn, and Nikki Lunden and produced by Laura Espinoza and Mike Avenaim.

Though none are currently listed, you’ll be able to find Lunden Reign gigs on the “Upcoming Shows” page of the band’s website. Make Believe Friends has past gig listings on the “Events” tab of the band’s Facebook page.

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