Single Review: Richard X. Heyman – “Choices We Make”

Richard X. Heyman - "Choices We Make"

image courtesy of Howlin’ Wuelf Media

Single Review of Richard X. Heyman: “Choices We Make”

Richard X. Heyman proves once again his position as one of the premier independent rock ‘n roll singer-songwriters with the release of this enjoyable, thoughtful pop-rock release.

Richard X. Heyman

photo by Nancy Leigh; photo courtesy of Howlin’ Wuelf Media

“Choices We Make” is a throwback. A sixties/seventies-style, soft-touch rock ‘n roll protest song. With a rich, full sound reminiscent of generations of radio-ready, mid-speed rock hits, this song is the sort of thing you might hear from singers ranging from John Mellencamp to Jackson Browne, but with Richard X. Heyman’s more gravelly vocal, more along the lines of Randy Newman (but with a little edgier rock attitude) or maybe a mellow (though still uptempo) Bruce Springsteen. The verses bounce along with a friendly tunefulness, and the choruses are fun to sing along with “The future is ours for the takin’. The outcome will be settled of foresaken by the choices we make, by the choices we make.” It’s another instant classic from Richard X. Heyman.

“Choices We Make” was a timely release, dropping on October 30th, 2020, just four days before Americans made a choice; the “Choices We Make” YouTube video was posted a week and a half earlier, on October 19th. Though the choices referred to in the song could be personal, political, or social, if there was any doubt, the subject matter in the music video suggests it’s all of the above. That, of course, is one sign of a well-written song – it’s universal enough to be applicable to more than one situation, able to fit the listeners’ needs. Speaking of universality, “Choices We Make” checks off the most universal sign of well-written song, too: It’s really catchy and fun to listen to!

You Might Recall…

I reviewed Richard’s 2017 In Cognito release, but I missed covering his 2019 Pop Circles album. I did, however, review The Doughboys’ Running For Covers, with Richard on the drums.

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